My method is based on the importance of adapting to different parenting styles so that you are comfortable with the proposed sleeping plan that meets the unique needs of your child.

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Hi, my name is Vera and I am a trained and certified Sleep Consultant for babies and toddlers.

As a mother of two I know how it feels to be sleep deprived and how frustrating it can be to try to get the little one to sleep.

With our first-born, my husband and I always had to rock our daughter to sleep, even many times during the night. This was not only exhausting and frustrating, but also got increasingly physically demanding. When she reached 10 months I felt like I had hit rock bottom and was not able to function properly.

I started researching online and read various books about how to solve children’s sleep problems, only to find confusing and heavily contradicting information. I was not sure where to start nor how to manage it all by myself. Luckily our paediatrician recommended a Sleep Sense Consultant - this basically changed our life.

Working closely with a Sleep Sense Consultant who guided us through the whole program and provided strong support all the way through, was an invaluable experience. Within only a few days, we could immediately see first successes. I also felt that our daughter was relieved to finally get the sleep she desperately needed. She became a much happier, content and well-balanced child.

With our second child, we laid a solid foundation to establish good and healthy sleep skills right from the beginning. This mainly consisted of an appropriate feeding and sleeping rhythm, as well as setting up a ‘day and night’ pattern.
Our own experience was so successful that I started to become professionally interested in the importance of sleep. My aim was to help other families to make a positive difference in their lives too.

With my growing passion for this topic, I applied for The Sleep Sense™ Program, which is one of the most recognised, extensive and professional sleep consultancy trainings in the world. Having gone through the training and being a certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant myself, I can focus on what I love: working with children and helping families to get the good-healthy sleep they need for a happy and healthy life. Sleep is so essential to a child’s development and a family’s well-being. Therefore it's never too late – nor too early – to help children developing healthy sleep habits.



Some of the Sleepybirds I've helped

Vera’s support throughout the program was tremendous

I can highly recommend working with Vera

We can’t thank Vera enough for her help and encouragement

Vera was such an amazing support

You’re saving our nights!

It was worth every penny!

Best decision so far since our parenthood

I feel like new born

Vera was our saviour!

We still can’t believe it. It is really life changing.