Our son was already 2.5 years old when we contacted Sleepybird. Our nights were horrendous. We had to lie in bed with him until he fell asleep, then he would wake up at least 3 times a night and as a result he would end up in our bed every night.
Now – with the amazing help of Vera and her program – we put our son to bed awake, he falls asleep all by himself and he wakes up the next morning. We still can’t believe it. It is really life changing. Not just for us parents. Also for him. He is in much better form during the day because he finally gets the sleep he needs.
And we keep asking ourselves why we didn’t do it earlier. Thank you, Vera. From the bottom of our hearts.

2.5 years

Our second daughter Cosima was 6 months old and since she was born she was waking up around 5 times at night screaming, wanting to be breastfed or carried around. At some point, myself, my husband, our elder daughter and Cosima of course were completely exhausted and sleep deprived. The nights were always interrupted and way too short and on the other hand the days felt far too long. I heard of Vera’s sleep coaching through a friend and after weeks of hesitation – in which I unsuccessfully tried different methods by myself – we finally decided to get some help and work together with Vera. One of the most important parts for me was to be close to my daughter and not to leave her alone, especially at the beginning of the training and to be able to touch and comfort her.

After four nights, Cosima was sleeping through the night. I couldn’t believe it myself, but I now put her in her cot – awake – and she falls asleep peacefully and is quiet for 11-12 hours.

I felt like newborn and was looking forward to the undisturbed evenings with my husband again and the restful nights for the whole family. During the day, Cosima was much more balanced and happy. Our whole family benefitted from the training, and we all have much more energy and are well-balanced.

Vera was such an amazing support. She was always available, empathic but also energetic to keep us motivated.

At the beginning we were quite concerned, but she always took her time, was patient and sensitive and worked around our parenting style.

I can highly recommend working with Vera. For us, the sleep training was one of the best decisions so far since our parenthood.

6 months

Our almost one-year-old son was waking up around 3 times at night screaming so loudly that the rest of our family was awake too. During the day, I had absolutely no energy anymore, because I could not keep up with the sleep loss. I felt completely exhausted and realised that even if I had read all the books and tried different methods myself, I wouldn’t be able to solve this problem by myself.

Luckily we found Vera and she managed to help us and improve our situation within days. Our son was sleeping through the night (7.30pm until 7am) by night 5!!!

We followed her detailed plan and adapted the routine of our son. He quickly learned how to self-sooth himself at night and to find a deep, restful sleep. It really felt like he was actually relieved to find the necessary, healthy sleep he desperately needed.

The whole family is so much more rested now and we can enjoy our time together as a family again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

12 months

We reached out to Sleepybird because our 5-months old daughter was not able to fall asleep by herself, was waking up a few times at night, and was not able to sleep longer than 30-40 minutes during the day.

Bringing her to bed already had a negative connotation and was linked with fears and worries, mainly because it involved some crying and tears. Evenings with my husbands were also not possible anymore. On top, I was planning to go back to work soon, so we needed a solution.

Since we wanted to have a professional, individualized and safe approach to our daughter’s sleep, we consciously decided to get professional help and not just read a book.

To be honest, we had some concerns at the beginning – especially my husband – but luckily we decided to go for it. It was unbelievable: from night 3 our daughter was sleeping through the night (7.30pm until 7am) and even more important since day 11 she is having reliable, long naps during the day. And the best thing is: she loves going to bed and is happily falling asleep completely by herself. All of us are much more balanced and our daughter is super happy and satisfied during her waking times. Many people, including ourselves, were under the assumption that keeping your child awake during the day or putting them to bed late will make them sleep better at night. Such a wrong belief, it’s exactly the opposite.

We can’t thank Vera enough for her help and encouragement. We are tremendously happy to have asked her for help and to make such a positive change to our life.

5 months

With her sleep program Vera helped us to make huge improvements to the consistency and quality of our 15 month old daughter. She was only ever kind, understanding and dedicated, working closely with us each day through the two weeks. Vera also provided me with much needed confidence and support to wind up breastfeeding, something I thought was not possible without tears!

Our daughter now goes to bed with a very easy routine, and is happy to do this with our nanny and a grandparent. She can often get herself back to sleep within a minute during the night. There were a few difficult tears at the beginning, something we expected as she was used to breastfeeding before her sleeps, but within 2/3 days she was going to sleep with no tears at all, and within 2 weeks she was fully weaned.

My husband and I had to put a lot of faith and trust into Vera, and now we couldn’t recommend her enough and are very grateful for her advice and support. We now have great tools we can use for many years to come.

Thank you Vera!

15 months