Working with Vera completely changed our lives.  Vera is both a pleasure to partner with, and this program is highly effective.  While we focused on sleep, Vera's guidance will improve our parenting across the board.  We started-out with a 2 hour [...]


This training absolutely changed our life! From rocking my baby to sleep every night for 10 to 20 minutes, to waking up 4 to 5 times a night, we now can sleep 11,5 to 12 hours a night if we want to. Our little boy doesn’t make a sound and sleeps [...]


Thank God our friend recommended Vera to us. We wish we had reached out to her much earlier instead of denying that our girl (22 Months) had real sleeping issues.    Ella has never been a great sleeper, always took ages for her to fall asleep by [...]


Working with Vera was a true life-saver for us. Our son was waking up several times a night and we were jumping through hoops to get him back to sleep. Sometimes he was awake for up to 2 hours and had full-on temper tantrums in the middle of the [...]

Emmi & Hugo

Vera, we are so grateful for your support. You supervised us from the beginning and showed us a gentle way to teach our twins independent sleeping skills. You encouraged us not to give up, even if the first evenings / nights were hard. You were [...]


Hiring Vera was the BEST decision ever. Our son Rasmus (8.5 months) was a very bad sleeper from the beginning. He only slept for max. 3 hours in a row at night. Sometimes he then would be awake for 1-2 hours. My husband and I were totally exhausted [...]


Our daughter Josefine (19. months) always needed holding our hand and a pacifier to fall asleep. So we always stayed with her until she fell asleep. Even if this wasn't a big deal for us initially, it became a bigger and bigger problem over time. [...]


The Sleep Trainer from 9,000 kilometres away Our daughter (2 years old) slept really well for naps and bedtime in her crib until she was 18 months old. At that point we moved from New York to San Francisco. In our new home it became a habit that [...]


Our son Cornelius (17 months) never slept very well. We tried a lot: for a while it was the bottle in the night that seemed to help us, or the pacifier. Sometimes we brought him to our bed and then we tried again in his own room. No matter what we [...]


Our daughter Valentina (18 months) slept reasonably well at night. However, instead of sleeping in her own bed, she was sleeping on a large mattress next to me (mother). She was only falling asleep when I was laying next to her, both for her naps [...]


Our son Frederic has been a bad sleeper since birth. He constantly woke up several times at night. Only breastfeeding or using the pacifier helped him to go back to sleep. Sometimes he even woke up more than 10 times at night. The nights were [...]


Our 18 months old daughter Sophie almost never slept through the night. She could only fall asleep with sucking a bottle of milk. She also required the bottle several times at night. Sophie was fighting sleep since she was a baby which means [...]


Our daughter was a good sleeper right from the beginning, but when she turned 6 months she got her first flu and the first teeth were breaking through. The nights were getting much worse. Initially we thought this is normal and just a phase. But she [...]


Our daughter was already 8 months old and far from sleeping through the night. I still breastfed her about 2-3 times per night, but after breastfeeding she often only fell back to sleep while being carried around. Also, her naps were only 40-45 [...]


Our second son Matheo (7 months) constantly woke up at least three times during the night. He either needed his pacifier, a bottle of milk or wanted to be carried around. The first few months we believed this is normal and thought he’d just be [...]


At some point our 3 year old son didn’t want to sleep in his room/bed anymore. I started to share a bed with him and he only fell asleep when I was present, but this also took quite a while. He woke up screaming several times during the night [...]


Our son was already 2.5 years old when we contacted Sleepybird. Our nights were horrendous. We had to lie in bed with him until he fell asleep, then he would wake up at least 3 times a night and as a result he would end up in our bed every [...]


Our second daughter Cosima was 6 months old and since she was born she was waking up around 5 times at night screaming, wanting to be breastfed or carried around. At some point, myself, my husband, our elder daughter and Cosima of course were [...]


Our almost one-year-old son was waking up around 3 times at night screaming so loudly that the rest of our family was awake too. During the day, I had absolutely no energy anymore, because I could not keep up with the sleep loss. I felt completely [...]


We reached out to Sleepybird because our 5-months old daughter was not able to fall asleep by herself, was waking up a few times at night, and was not able to sleep longer than 30-40 minutes during the day. Bringing her to bed already had a [...]


With her sleep program Vera helped us to make huge improvements to the consistency and quality of our 15 month old daughter. She was only ever kind, understanding and dedicated, working closely with us each day through the two weeks. Vera also [...]